Musical Notation in the Fun Way

A modern visual music notation, colorful and dynamic

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What's the idea?

This is my experimentation on musical notations.

Want to create some applications to help me to visualize music, practice easier, and provide nicer way to show scores or tabs.

Some of current tried ideas:

Color and shapes for notes and chords


Guitar tabs to show both pitch and durations for notes

Guitar Tab

What's implemented?

Guitar Tab + Melody + Lyrics


Notation Viewer

Watch on Youtube

Try in browser Note that the web version is only working in desktop browser, the touch input is not working on mobile browsers yet.

Desktop versions can be downloaded from releases.

Get source code to run on your machine.

How it's built?

The current version is writted in Rust, on top of Bevy Engine, started as a demo to learn both the language and the game engine, but got much progress and show some potentials quickly.

At this moment, there is no visual editor yet, instead a DSL in Rust is created to write tabs (also serving learning purpose at the first place), it's far from perfect, and got me quite some headaches some time, but did learned a lot, and some part of it is really nice. Plan to write some blogposts later on this topic.

What's the plan?

Will try to make the guitar tab part useful for myself first, do more experiments on visual representation for music, then maybe release some applications or maybe games in the future.

Some Inspirations

Chromesthesia Color for Notes

Most colorful notation systems using rainbow colors for notes, but I found this chromesthesia system is much better for me to feel the music, especially when apply the colors to chords.

Hook Theory

This is really awesome, have tons of materials for music learning, also has a very powerful web application.

Groove Pizza

Very nice web application to visualize rhythm.